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Mercy and I share a passion, the passion of bringing people closer to the radiant health we all deserve. Before we met, we were both conventional healthcare workers with her working as a nurse for over 20 years and me working as an ophthalmologist. We both quickly realized, however, that the current health challenges facing us required better solutions than what is conventionally offered. Living in this current era, it's never been so easy to lose our grasp on our health day-by-day due to the foods we eat, the lifestyles we are accustomed to, and the habits we forge. Mercy and I know this, not just from working with scores of other people, but especially from our own personal confrontations with chronic illness.

- Dr. Joyce and Mercy

Authors of the Autoimmune Plant-Based Cookbook

15 Years


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Autoimmune Recovery Plan

Enriched nutrition is one of the keys to a healthy life. You can boost your health by
keeping track with a well-balanced diet. The Autoimmune Recovery Plan includes our
Therapeutic Meal Plan, Therapeutic Protocol, Maintenance Meal Plan, Extra Recipes and More.

Therapeutic Meal Plan to Fight Inflammation

This nightshade-free, easy to digest, completely unprocessed, and anti-inflammatory meal plan is specially designed to repair your gut…
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Therapeutic Protocol

Through a combination of super healing foods, green juices, and other natural remedies, would give your body every opportunity to defeat autoimmune disease once and for all…
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Maintenance Meal Plan

Once you’ve recovered, this menu introduces and exciting variety of new foods in a complete 7-day meal plan that will keep you feeling your best…
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Extra Recipes

Additional food items such as granola, tortillas, and crackers and more that can be enjoyed on their own, or in addition to our other plant-based recipes…
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It's Time For a Change!

Chronic Fatigue

Do you wake up tired everyday, with no energy, and it’s only getting worse?

Brain Fog

Do you have intense brain fog that is interfering with your ability to work, study, or concentrate?

Gas and Bloating

Are you afraid of how you’ll feel after eating because of persistent gas, bloating, or pain afterwards?

Migraines & Neuropathy

Are you constantly experiencing numbness, tingling, migraines or other symptoms or neuropathy?

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