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Autoimmune Recovery Plan

Enriched nutrition is one of the keys to a healthy life. You can boost your health by
keeping a track well-balanced diet plan. The Autoimmune recovery Plan includes but not limited to
Therapeutic Meal Plan, Therapeutic Protocol, Maintenance Meal Plan, Extra Recipes and More.

Therapeutic Plan

The Therapeutic Plan is your anti-inflammatory guide that is highly focused on diet in order to combat and eliminate disease.

Maintenance Plan

This is the plan that will help to keep chronic illnesses from returning and will also introduce more variety into your diet.


Learn the science behind the Autoimmune Recovery Plan in two Lecture series: Health and The Laws of Health.

Natural Remedies

Here you will find some great contents that demonstrates how and when to use our approved natural remedies.


This is our ever-growing list of downloadable and online resources, packed with additional information for the members.

Q &A

Live Video Sessions for the members to ask any questions and get answers! Live Sessions will be archived for later viewing.

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